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Wordsmith Apprentice 3rd Edition Writing Course

Teach Creative Writing with Wordsmith Apprentice for Grades 4-6

Step-by-step instructions in Wordsmith Apprentice 3rd Edition writing course makes teaching easy.

  • What a difference this course will make as you and your student watch the ability to express thoughts in writing grow and unfold.
  • An E-Book version is also available for this course.
Wordsmith Apprentice.

Grades 4-6

E-Book: Wordsmith Apprentice.

E-Book Apprentice
Grades 4-6

Wordsmith Writing Series 3rd Edition by Common Sense Press.

Grades 7-9

Wordsmith Craftsman 3rd Edition by Janie B. Cheaney, Publisher: Common Sense Press.

Grades 10 and up


Wordsmith Apprentice.

Wordsmith Apprentice

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Wordsmith Apprentice 3rd Edition

By Janie B. Cheaney, Publisher: Common Sense Press

ISBN-13: 9781929683543

“All the practicality, humor, and fun of Wordsmith, but written for the younger student, ages 9-12. An easy to use writing course encouraging students to develop their writing skills as they participate in every role on a newspaper staff: editor, reporter, writer, etc. Children develop a love of writing as they express themselves through sentence and paragraph writing, persuasive writing, and much more.”

New in the Third Edition

  • Larger font and cleaner type for easier reading
  • Added examples
  • Delightful new illustrations

Note from Harriet: I found Wordsmith Apprentice to be helpful for older children who are reluctant writers.

  • Develop Writing Excellence Through Unique, Skill-Building Exercises for 4th-6th Grades
  • Students Join the “Staff” of a Newspaper Which Becomes the Basis for all Writing Exercises
  • Students Approach Writing with Enthusiasm as they Develop Skills
  • Instruction in three parts:
    • Nouns, verbs, and basic sentence structure
    • Modifiers and more complex sentences
    • Organizing and reporting
  • Updated with a new easy-to-read format

Preview samples at the publisher’s website:

Grades 4-6 Paperback

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E-Book Apprentice

E-Book: Wordsmith Apprentice.

E-Book: Wordsmith Apprentice

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Wordsmith Apprentice 3rd Edition E-Book

By Janie B. Cheaney, Publisher: Common Sense Press

Item #ebook9781929683543

Why buy Wordsmith Apprentice E-Book?

  • The same content as the Wordsmith Apprentice print version
  • Costs less than the printed version
  • No shipping fees
  • No cumbersome binding

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Grades 4-6

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