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BJU Press English 6 Kit

Teach English At Home With A Complete Christian-based Homeschool Kit for 6th Grade

Everything you need for one student and one teacher is in the complete kit. More of the instructional material is now in the student workbook with this traditional Christian-based English Curriculum. [Features…]

English 6 Kit.

English 6 Homeschool Kit
2nd Edition 236711

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BJU Press English 6 Homeschool Kit 2nd Ed.

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Features of BJU Press English 6 Curriculum

  • The instructing parent can work alongside the student.
  • The student books were well designed and visually pleasing.
  • Best of all they are priced economically, especially for families who plan to use it with other students.
  • We love how the lessons seem coordinated across these three grades. When the 5th grader is studying possessive pronouns, so is the 6th grader. If you have students in different grades, it’s easier on the teacher when you are all on the same topic.
  • BJU Press English 6 is a Christian-based traditional curriculum.

Topics covered in BJU Press English 6 include:

  • Sentences
  • Writing a Personal Narrative
  • Nouns
  • Writing a Newspaper Editorial
  • Verbs
  • Writing Instructions
  • Study and Reference Skills
  • Writing a Research Report
  • Pronouns
  • Writing Historical Fiction
  • More About Verbs
  • Writing a Compare-Contrast Report
  • Adjectives, Adverbs, and Prepositions
  • Writing a Limerick and Free Verse
  • Sentences, Phrases, and Clauses
  • Writing a Cover Letter

Included in the BJU Press English 6 Subject Kit are one each of the following:

English 6 Teacher’s Edition and Toolkit CD (#200535 ISBN-13: 9781591663997) features

  • 16 chapters with 160 lessons
  • Grammar and writing chapters alternate
  • Reduced student pages with overprinted answers
  • Extra practice pages
  • Lesson plans and schedules
  • Teaching tips and helps
  • The Teacher’s Toolkit CD has reproducible pages to supplement lessons.

English 6 Student Worktext (#200527 ISBN-13: 9781606822302) features:

  • Guided practice
  • Independent practice
  • Chapter and cumulative reviews
  • The back of the student worktext contains a writing handbook and a grammar handbook for student reference.

English 6 Tests (#200519 ISBN-13: 9781591663973)

  • Includes one test for each chapter in the English 6 Tests.
  • The tests are consumable and intended for one student.

English 6 Test Answer Key (#200501 ISBN-13: 9781591663980)

  • Has the answers to the English 6 Tests overprinted on a copy of the student version.

Grade 6

List $135.44

Price $101.55

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