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How To Write a Research Paper

Learning to write a research paper is not that difficult with the right homeschool curriculum.

  • If your student is college-bound, then it is wise to teach him how to write a research paper during his homeschool high school years.
  • I don’t know why most students balk doing a research paper. If it is done step by step on an interesting topic, your student may learn to love doing research.

Research in Increments

Research in Increments 9780975854310 By Susan Kemmerer

Research in Increments

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Research in Increments

By Susan Kemmerer, Publisher: Schoolhouse Publishing

ISBN-13: 9780975854310

Research in Increments is a guide to how to write research papers.

  • It breaks the researching writing process into small steps.
  • Easy to use.
  • Students with a hands-on learning style will respond to the manipulative approach to creating research.
  • Daily lesson plans for the student—written as a checklist.
  • Course takes approximately 63 days—broken down into easily accomplished tasks/readings.
  • Research idea bank.
  • Choose a research topic that coordinates with your other curriculum.
  • Best of all it presents research skills from a Christian perspective.


Multi-level for grades 4-12

Price $12.00

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