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Jensen’s Punctuation Grades 9-12

A Complete Guide to All Your Punctuation Needs by Frode Jensen

Give your students the tools they need to master punctuation in their writing to communicate clearly, effectively, and confidently in high school and beyond!

Jensen’s Punctuation

Master Books: Jensen's Punctuation-9780890519943.

Jensen’s Punctuation
ISBN-13: 9780890519943

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Jensen’s Punctuation

By Frode Jensen, Publisher: Master Books

ISBN-13: 9780890519943

Jensen’s punctuation is  is revised and reformatted to make a great book much easier to use in your homeschool.

For the teacher/parent, you’ll find information on how to use this workbook, a course description, objectives introduction, teacher notes, and a suggested daily schedule.

Includes tests, semester tests, and an answer key.

Your student will learn:

  • 5 basic rules for compound sentences that will solve 75-90% of your punctuation problems.
  • How to use the punctuation index to help you master all the punctuation rules worth knowing.
  • 3 types of keywords and how the signal what type of punctuation is needed, if any.
  • What kinds of words in what kinds of situations need capitals and how to identify them in sentences.
  • When and when not to use a comma with modifiers occurring in various positions in a sentence.
  • How to correctly use the semicolon in the most common situation in which it occurs.
  • Student lessons cover the following topics:
  • Sentences and Fragments
  • Coordinating Conjunctions
  • Subordinators
  • Semi-colon
  • Conjunctive Adverb
  • Combinations
  • General Punctuation
  • Review Punctuation Worksheets.

Softcover with 232 pages

Download Jensen’s Punctuation Sample at the publisher’s website

Grades 9-12 as a one year course

List $25.00

Price $20.00

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