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Homeschool Curriculum Review: Considering God’s Creation Science

Curriculum Review: Considering God’s Creation Science

By Harriet Yoder

Considering God’s Creation Science
A Lamp Post Homeschool Review:

Based on the creation week, Considering God’s Creation is a well-written multi-level homeschool science program that is neatly divided into 36 lessons. The wonderful teacher’s guide is indispensable, informative, and “family friendly.” The easy-to-follow lessons are designed to flow smoothly with a high level of information for students and low level of teacher effort. This is a plus when teaching many levels at one sitting.

Reproducible student workbooks are available giving you the option of buying extra workbooks or making copies (for single family or single class use). Each carefully thought out lesson has accompanying work pages. The variety and quality of these work pages will keep a child’s attention. The result is a portfolio quality work page that demonstrates learning in science.

If you assign an older child to work with a younger child on each lesson, they will learn to cooperate. Their hands will be kept busy while you read and teach the lesson. The “teaching” part consists of the natural discussion inspired by the reading. This is homeschooling at its best.

Mrs. Mortimer and Mrs. Smith successfully incorporated the wonder of God’s creation into their Bible section. They creatively and scientifically selected scripture to support each lesson. Armed with Bibles, you can assign verses for each child to look up, read, and discuss.

I highly recommend Considering God’s Creation when you are selecting homeschool science curriculum for grades 2 to 8. It is a one year program that is worthwhile to do–a homeschool classic!

NOTE: Due to the high cost of publishing, the publishers moved to e-books. However, the last time we checked, print student workbooks are available now.

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