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BJU Press Homeschool Kits CLEARANCE

Save on BJUP Kits While They Last!

Friendly to home educators, BJU Press has done an excellent job of adapting their Christian school textbooks for homeschooling. Their books meet the academic standards needed for the college-bound student as well as offering additional help for the challenged student. [Features…]

BJU Press Homeschool Kits at Lamp Post Homeschool

BJU Press Reading Curriculum Clearance.
BJUP Homeschool Kits
BJU Press Heritage Studies Kit Clearance.
Heritage Studies
BJUP Homeschool Kits
BJU Press Math Kit Clearance Sale.
BJUP Homeschool Kits
BJU Press Science Homeschool Kit Clearance.
BJUP Homeschool Kits

Features of BJU Press Curriculum

  • This is a traditional Christian textbook curriculum.
  • It offers more structure and teacher help with teacher’s editions, student textbooks, student activity manuals, tests, and test answer keys.
  • All of the BJU Press Homeschool Kits include the components you need to teach one student.

Do I Need to Buy the Whole Homeschool Kit?

The best buy is the homeschool kit! All the bells and whistles in the BJU Press homeschool kits are great. As the teacher, you can pick and choose what work you want to assign your student. There are teacher helps to plan, schedule, and teach. In addition, the teaching tips help when you have a child with different abilities who needs more guidance or who needs more challenging work.

As with all their courses, the homeschool kit components include an abundance of questions, problems, and activities. In a way, the amount of student work that’s available in each kit can be overwhelming if you try to do it all. There’s a reason for that. BJUP started out as a Christian school textbook publisher. In a classroom setting teachers need more choices because of teaching children with different skill levels and requirements. Plus they need to have extra activities available to keep students busy. Makes sense right?

However, the homeschool setting is quite different. It is one-on-one teaching, and we don’t need busy work. With that in mind, as the teacher, you can pick and choose what lessons to study based on what your student needs to learn.

Take good care of your books for the best value when you resell! Books from Bob Jones University Press are popular and there is a good market for reselling.

Customers Ask: Did You Use Bob Jones Curriculum with Your Children?

For each child, we chose what worked best. Every child was different! When we used BJUP, we were pleased with the results. For our secondary students, we used BJUP Heritage Studies, Literature, and Science. We also used Heritage Studies and Science texts and activities manuals in the younger grades. I think our favorite BJUP subject was their math. We used elementary math, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2. Our children liked all the courses. A favorite course of mine is their economics with great student activities for the college-bound.

We’re happy to say that some of our children are using some BJU Press subjects to homeschool our grandchildren! They like the Math, English/Writing & Grammar, and Science.

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