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BJU Press Heritage Studies Kits~CLEARANCE

Traditional History Textbook Curriculum—Complete Kits

Study history with a Christian-based, traditional textbook curriculum from publisher Bob Jones University Press. [Features…]

BJU Press World Studies Kit #511998 CLEARANCE.
World Studies
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
Grade 7
BJU Pres American Governent Kit.
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
12th Grade
BJU Press Economics Kit #512012 CLEARANCE.
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
12th Grade

Features of BJU Press Homeschool Kits

  • Get teacher support with teacher’s guides and tests answer keys.
  • One key feature of these history courses is the notebook or workbook student activities.
  • Learn how to study maps, and answer different types of questions such as short answer, matching, multiple-choice, true/false and more.
  • Develop critical thinking skills and a biblical worldview with Bob Jones Heritage Studies.
  • Pictures and photographs are relevant to the period you are studying.

Why Use Bob Jones University Press Heritage Studies Homeschool Kits?

Are you looking for a complete history course that thoroughly covers the subject? BJU Press Heritage Studies Kits can work for you. Each kit contains the necessary components for one teacher and one student. Typically that’s the student text, activities manual or workbook, and tests for the student and the teacher’s guide and test answer key. It’s all there for you to teach and learn about history with a Christian worldview.

With a great track record among homeschoolers, BJU Heritage Studies will help prepare your student for college. The teacher materials also include suggestions for students with challenges. One feature we like is providing different types of activities and test questions. Knowing how to write short essays, answer questions such as multiple-choice, matching, true-false, or fill-in-the-blank, and doing map, table, and chart activities is helpful to know in college.

With the complete kit, there is quite a variety of choices, but you don’t have to do everything. With chapter questions and reviews in the text, the various activities in the student activity manual, and the tests, you have the choice to pick and choose what will help your student the most. Of course, the student who loves history will probably want to do everything!

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