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Christian-Based Traditional Textbook Math Courses

Instruction in early elementary grades focuses on mastering concepts with some continual review. The pace picks up in the upper elementary and secondary levels. [Features…]

BJU Press Math 3 Kit 3E.
Math 3
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
Third Grade
BJU Press Math 6 Homeschool Kit
Math 6
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
Sixth Grade

Features of BJU Press Math include:

  • We think most students will like the Bob Jones K-3 program for starting students of any skill level.
  • If your student needs more time and help, go slower with the program.
  • If you have a child gifted in math, then finish the level and start the next one.
  • If your student is college bound, BJU Press high school math is a good traditional math curriculum choice.
  • If you’re not sure about college, it is still an excellent choice because if your student studies through algebra 2—Keep that door open and cover math for college entrance.
  • Groups the chapters by topics.
  • Lessons focus on learning one concept.
  • Every chapter includes a review.
  • Includes word problems throughout the lessons
  • Colorful manipulatives printed on heavy card-stock paper.
  • Work pages have the right number of problems and are not too busy.

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