myWorld Interactive: Social Studies 1 Bundle 9781428478251

Complete Social Studies Curriculum for 1st Grade

Savvas 2019 myWorld Interactive Social Studies 1 curriculum encourages students to explore their world, expand their thinking, and gain critical literacy skills while covering the core social studies standards. [Features…]

Grade 1 Bundle

Savvas myWorld Social Studies 1 Bundle 9781428478251.
myWorld Social Studies 1
Homeschool Bundle
ISBN-13: 9781428478251

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2019 Savvas myWorld Interactive: myWorld Social Studies 1 Homeschool Bundle

Publisher: Savvas Learning Company
ISBN-13: 9781428478251

Contents of myWorld Interactive Social Studies 1 Homeschool Bundle

Student Edition myWorld Social Studies 1 ISBN-13: 9780328973088 A consumable student worktext with standards-based social studies content, interactivities, and skills instruction.

One-year subscription to Digital Resources on Savvas Realize™  [Formerly called Pearson Realize™] ISBN-13: 9780328972609

  • Student Online Digital Resources: A variety of digital resources aligned to the course cope and sequence. Fully designed to support individual exploration of content.
  • Online Teacher Resources: Resources to support the Student Digital Course. Includes all Teacher Resources, including assessments and data tools.
  • This award-winning online learning platform includes your teacher’s edition and complete program functionality online.
  • Log-on to view and use all program materials at your computer or tablet.
  • 1-year of student and teacher digital access to
  • **NOTE: The Homeschool Digital Access Card comes in your print package. Please locate it as soon as you open your package(s). It has the instructions you need to access your online digital content on the Savvas Realize™ Digital PlatformYou need your Order Number when you apply for access. It is located on the label of the shipping box. If you misplace it by accident, please contact us and we can help.

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)
Device: Tablet, Computer
Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS

Table of Contents by Chapter

Chapter 1: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens
Chapter 2: Geography of the Community
Chapter 3: Symbols and Traditions of the United States
Chapter 4: Life Today and Long Ago
Chapter 5: One Nation, Many People
Chapter 6: Work in the Community

Features of 2019 Savvas myWorld Interactive: Social Studies 1

Savvas myWorld Interactive Social Studies 1 is a comprehensive and adaptable curriculum that fits a wide range of homeschool settings and schedules.

  • Develop critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills for an engaged civic life.
  • Includes strong ELA instruction to support social studies inquiry and new literacy standards.
  • Helps homeschool teachers achieve their instructional goals in social studies.
  • Create active inquiry experiences that develop skills for active, responsible citizenship with Project-Based Learning.
  • Focuses on inquiry skills and key concepts that support your homeschool standards and the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies.
  • Help homeschool students read text closely, analyze information, and communicate well-defended ideas with integrated ELA resources and routines.
  • Build vocabulary and language skills, support your reading block.
  • Multiple options on the digital platform provide access and equity for culturally responsive teaching, differentiation needs, and delivery approaches.
  • The Savvas Realize™ program adapts to your schedule, your homeschool class time, and your preferences.

Additional Information About myWorld Interactive: Social Studies 1

Grade 1

List $77.00

Price $61.99

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