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HMH Science Dimensions Homeschool Module D

Life Science Module D: Diversity of Living Things Components for 6th-8th Grade

Explore, investigate, and engineer—integrating multiple concepts into each activity and lesson. #SecularBased [Features…]

Please contact us to special order the print components for Science Dimensions for one module. Available for Modules A-L.

Student Edition Module D

Student Edition: HMH Science Dimensions Module D.

Student Edition
Module D

Price $24.99

Contact Lamp Post Homeschool for HMH Pricing.

Science Dimensions Student Edition Module D: Diversity of Living Things

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN-13: 9780544860971

Magazine-style, research-based worktext available in a consumable module.

The print Student Worktext Module D allows students to write, draw, underline, and circle responses and take notes.

Consumable, 216 pages

Grades 6-8

Price $24.99

Contact Lamp Post Homeschool for HMH Pricing.

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