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Explode the Code 6½ Workbook~CLEARANCE

Explode the Code 6½ Workbook—For the Student Who Needs Extra Practice

For example, if your student completed level 6, but struggled with it or needs more practice in the same level, then use EC Book 6½ before proceeding to Level 7. [Features…]

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Workbook 6 ½

Explode the Code Workbook 6½
Explode the Code Workbook 6½


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Explode the Code Workbook 6½

Publisher: EPS Literacy and Intervention, School Specialty

ISBN-13: 9780838878149

Explode the Code Workbook 6½ has more practice in Explode the Code Book 6 skills. If your child is struggling more and more with each level, then completing workbook 6½ before moving on can help.


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Features of Explode the Code ½ Workbooks

  • If your student is doing well with each level, you won’t need the ½ books.
  • Each ½ workbook covers the same sounds as the workbook in that level. [Workbook 6 and Workbook 6½ cover the same sounds, for example.]
  • The ½ workbooks provide extra phonics and reading practice for students who need review and reinforcement before moving to the next level.
  • Keep in mind that your student may not need every ½ book in the six levels.
  • Use them as needed to make sure your student masters and understands the sounds and skills covered in each level before proceeding to the next one.
  • If only a couple of sounds are a problem, perhaps you can review with library books that focus on the problem sound.

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