Savvas myPerspectives 10th Grade Kit

Savvas Learning Company’s Complete English Language Arts 10 Kit

myPerspectives Is a Secular-based English Program for Tenth Grade

Teach English at home with a complete homeschool English Language Arts 10 Homeschool Package—Secular-based and affordable. [Read more…]

Homeschool Bundle 10

Savvas myPerspectives Grade 10 Homeschool Bundle 9781418283735.

My Perspectives 10
Homeschool Kit
ISBN-13: 9781418283735

Publisher: Scott Foresman
Savvas Learning Company
(Formerly Pearson K-12 Learning)

List $167.97

Price $145.99

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myPerspectives 2017 Homeschool Bundle-Grade 10

Offering the flexibility of print, digital, or blended instruction, myPerspectives 10 is a new English Language Arts curriculum for grades 6-12 from Savvas Learning Company (Formerly Pearson K-12 Learning).

My Perspectives English Language Arts 2017 Tenth Grade Homeschool Bundle includes one of each of the following items.

Student Edition myPerspectives 10 English Language Arts 2017 (Two Volumes) Vol. 1 ISBN-13: 9780133338782 and Vol. 2 ISBN-13: 9780133338799

  • Allows students to write directly in their text.
  • Perforated and three-hole punched pages make it easy to place into binders.
  • BouncePages app connects directly to multimedia.
  • Selection pages allow students to access unit opener videos, audio, and media selections using the Pearson BouncePages app.
  • Independent Learning selections are referenced in print and available online.

One-year subscription to Digital Resources on Savvas Realize™  [Formerly called Pearson Realize™] ISBN-13: 9780328972609

  • This award-winning online learning platform includes your teachers edition as well as complete program functionality online.
  • Log-on to view and use all program materials at your computer or tablet.
  • 1-year of student and teacher digital access to
  • Devices: Tablet, Computer
  • Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS
  • **NOTE: The Homeschool Digital Access Card comes in your print package. Please locate it as soon as you open your package(s). It has the instructions you need to access your online digital content on the Savvas Realize™ Digital Platform. Your Order Number is needed when you apply for access. It is located on the label on the box. If you misplace it by accident, please contact us and we can help.

Teacher Edition myPerspectives 10 English Language Arts 2017 ISBN-13: 9780133338690

  • Includes wraparound pages that provide direct instruction and teaching suggestions to accelerate and engage students.
  • Provides a comprehensive Teaching-Learning Cycle and includes Lesson Planning Pages to make implementation easy.
  • Unit level support includes pacing guides, trade books, and novels.

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)
Device: Tablet, Computer
Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS

Features of Savvas myPerspectives—Complete English Language Arts 10th Grade

  • Each myPerspectives 10 Homeschool Bundle includes a Student Edition, a one-year subscription to Digital Resources on the Savvas Realize™ online learning system, and a Teacher ‘s Edition.
  • Values the perspective of the learner, collectively and individually.
  • Provides next-gen learning experiences that promote higher achievement and develop the competencies needed for college and career readiness.
  • myPerspectives connects literacy learning to the world of ideas.
    Makes literacy socially, culturally, and digitally relevant for teens and young adults.
  • Offers an amazing range of multi-genre texts, both print and digital, from well-known authors and sources.
  • Lessons integrate reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language skills with 21st century skills for media consumers and producers.
  • Pearson’s most digitally enhanced literacy program yet–all on an award-winning digital platform.
  • Create a literacy-rich environment at home to inspire literate lives and new perspectives.

10th Grade

List $167.97

Price $145.99

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