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10 Things to Do With Your Children In the Midst of the Storm

10 Things to Do With Your Children in the Midst of the Storm
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Grandchildren may be joining us in the midst of this storm—Hurricane Sandy. 10 Things to do with your children, simple uncomplicated ideas, came to me as I thought about keeping their sweet, little hands busy.

10 Things to Do With Your Children

  1. Pray with them. They are probably a little scared or anxious. I like Steve Green’s song When I Am Afraid I Will Trust in You from Hide Em In Your Heart CD . Praying the Word with them will strengthen them and give them peace in the midst of the storm.
  2. Read the Bible to them. There are many stories about storms. Look in your concordance for keywords such as storm, midst, calm, and so on. What God leads you to will be what they need to hear.
  3. Praise and worship with CDs or your own instruments. God inhabits our praise, doesn’t He?
  4. Pray some more. My husband asks for a hedge of protection and thorns around our family. Pray for specific people in your circles, pray for your city, and go for it and pray for anyone who is in the midst of this storm. Write it down if you want to remember it and look back later.
  5. By now you’ve prepared your home with extra water, food, blankets, batteries, and so on. It’s time to gather things or ideas for occupying the children. Play-doh, crayons, paper, books, games, DVDs (if you still have power).
  6. Special snacks are nice. Good old popcorn can be made with a campfire if there’s no power. You will think of something to make some memories.
  7. Hide and Go Seek in the Dark is fun when the power goes off. It’s amazing what creative hiding places the children find. We had pillows on our sofa and a younger one hid behind them. One time our children cleared out a double kitchen cabinet and hid a sibling there. All the boxes were on the kitchen counter, but it was dark and the seeker didn’t notice. We keep the seeker in one room with lights on (if possible) so eyes aren’t accustomed to darkness. Oh, yeah!
  8. You remember the story starter where each one adds a line to the story. It’s fun.
  9. Learn the Beaufort Wind Scale. By observing the signs, you can guess how fast the wind is blowing. Do the leaves shake, branches move? When the volleyball net blows over, we know it’s time to head for the basement.
  10. Pray, Praise and Ponder the Bible some more. Let’s face it. Our nation needs help. It’s going to come from God.

What do you do with your children in the midst of a storm of this magnitude?

Hope this helps someone today.



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