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LIFEPAC Bible 9 Set 9780867170177

A Complete 9th Grade Bible Curriculum With a Plan and Everything You need!

Includes everything you need with the texts, exercises, projects, review, and tests. You will need a King James Version Bible.

Bible 9 Set

LIFEPAC Bible 9 Set 9780867170177.
LIFEPAC Bible 9 Set
Item #BIB0915

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LIFEPAC Bible 9 Complete Boxed Set

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Item #BIB0915

ISBN-13: 9780867170177

Features of the LIFEPAC Bible 9

  • Uses King James Version of the Bible with the LIFEPAC Bible curriculum.
  • Study Bible philosophy and content from the “Evangelical Protestant” viewpoint.
  • Cover seven major themes are covered in this Bible curriculum:
    Theology, Attributes of God, Biblical Literature, Biblical Geography, Christian Growth, and Christian Evidences.
  • Go deeper with LIFEPAC Bible curriculum for students in 9th grades.
  • Learn with a Christian mastery-based Bible worktext curriculum.
  • Mix and match grade levels or find out more about the individual LIFEPAC subjects: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Electives.

In the LIFEPAC Bible 9 Set, there are ten Student LIFEPACs and a Teacher’s Guide with teaching tips and answers. Your student will study the following units:

  1. New Testament
  2. The Gospels
  3. Acts of the Apostles
  4. Pauline Epistles
  5. General Epistles
  6. Revelation of Jesus Christ
  7. Job and Suffering
  8. How to Share Christ
  9. God’s Will for My Life
  10. and The Walk with Christ.

Grade 9

Price $108.00

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