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BJU Press Bible Truths 5 Homeschool Kit

Living in God’s Love—Guide Your Child in Bob Jones Bible Truths 5 Subject Kit

  • Learn more about God through the study of His Word.
  • Your child will use Bible study aids such as cross-references, a concordance, and a Bible dictionary.
  • The BJU Press Bible Truths 5 curriculum is based on the authorized King James version of the Bible.
  • Purchase the Bob Jones Bible Truths 5 Homeschool Kit with components for one student and one teacher.

Bible Truths 5 Kit

Bible Truths 5.
Bible Truths 5 Kit

Bible Truths 5 Homeschool Kit

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Item # bju297887

The BJU Press Bible Truths 5 Kit Living in God’s Love includes one of each of the following items.

  • Teacher’s Edition (#286765 ISBN-13: 9781606824658)
    The Bible Truths 5 Teacher’s Edition has the following features.

    • Detailed daily lesson plans
    • Updated Bible Truths for Christian Growth
    • Activities to help your student understand and memorize Bible verses
    • Revised unit reviews
    • Teachers Toolkit CD has:
      • Activity pages
      • Applications stories
      • Discussion questions
      • Most of the hymns and songs
      • Electronic copies of the Student Materials packet and Teacher’s Visual packet
  • Student Worktext (#284547 ISBN-13: 9781606823965)
    The Bible Truths 5 Student Worktext (Living in God’s Love) has the following features.

    • 180 daily lessons
    • Colorful worktext with activities to reinforce the lessons
    • Studies Old and New Testament Bible characters such as Joseph, Daniel, Jesus, and Paul
    • Also studies the themes of Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes.
  • Tests (#286773 ISBN-13: 9781606824665)
    In the Bible Truths 5 Tests 4th Edition, there is a test for each unit with a variety of types of questions such as matching, multiple choice, and true/false.
  • Tests Answer Key (#286781 ISBN-13: 9781606824672)
    The Bible Truths 5 Test Answer Key 4th Edition has the answers overprinted on a copy of the test for easy grading.

Grade 5

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Bible Truths 4.
Bible Truths 4
Bible Truths 6.
Bible Truths 6
Bible Truths 7.
Bible Truths 7
Bible Truths B.
Bible Truths 8
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