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The Best of Home Education

Best of Home Education-The Path.
The Path

I moved this from my old blog site that closed. Written several years ago, it still applies, but I updated it a bit.

1.  Not only do you teach your children to walk and talk, you teach them to love the Lord, read the Bible, and care what happens to their fellow human beings.

2.  You are there when they need you, you see their triumphs, and you hear the praises of others when they excel (or behave in church!)

3.  Teenage rebellion usually doesn’t happen. You were there making the little corrections and giving them the encouragement they need on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong. They can still make mistakes and poor choices, but they are better prepared to deal with them–and so are you.

4.  It is interesting to watch them grow spiritually.

5.  I learn things I never knew (or forgot lol) because I teach them.

6.  I never have insomnia.

7.  I am never lonely.

8.  My oldest daughter is about to go to college and I have peace that she is prepared to cope with the challenges of life because she has the greatest gift a parent could hope for: Jesus in her heart.

9.  My other children love Jesus also. They will be prepared when their time comes to leave the nest.

10. I realize more each day the incredible love that God has for His children, because He allows me to imitate His parenting role with these children and applies grace and mercy when we mess up.


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