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Notgrass Exploring Economics Kit

Ray Notgrass Explains Economics in a Narrative, Conversational Style

Exploring Economics by Ray Notgrass is a one-semester Christian-based economics course for high school. Notgrass Company creates and publishes Christian-based homeschool curriculum that you can trust! [Read more…]

Kit with Student Review Pack
Exploring Economics
Notgrass Company
Notgrass Exploring Economics Curriculum Package 9781609990923.
Curriculum Package
Exploring Economics
Notgrass Exploring Economics Bundle 9781609991692.
Exploring Economics

Features of Exploring Economics by Notgrass Company

Exploring Economics Kit w/Student Review Pack

Notgrass Exploring Economics Kit with Student Review Pack.

Exploring Economics Bundle
with Student Review Pack
Notgrass Company
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Exploring Economics Kit With Student Review Pack

By Ray Notgrass, Publisher: Notgrass Company

From the Notgrass Company, Exploring Economics features:

  • Provides an overview of the economic history of the United States for one half-year credit in economics with the option for one half-year of credit in English.
  • Explains economics in the author’s narrative, conversational style
  • Surveys Biblical teachings on money and finance—Learn to become a better steward of the money God provides.
  • Gives a clear explanation of terms and concepts used in economics.
  • Discusses economic issues confronting us today.
  • Puts our participation in the national and world economies on a personal level.
  • Reasserts the importance of the free market system.
  • Enables students to take part in the economy with knowledge and faith.
  • There are seventy-five lessons divided into fifteen units of five lessons each.
  • For your second-semester social studies course, why not try Notgrass Exploring Government!

The Exploring Economics Kit with Student Review Pack includes one of each of the following books.

  • Exploring Economics Student Textbook [ISBN-13: 9781609990947]
  • Making Choices: Reading in Economics [ISBN-13: 9781609990954]
    Supplements the lessons with readings from this collection of historic and modern documents, essays, and speeches.
  • Exploring Student Review Pack [ISBN-13: 9781609990930]
    Includes one of each of the following items:
    • Student Review 9781609991043
    • Quiz and Exam Book 9781609991029
    • Answer Key 9781609991036

Download samples at the publisher’s website:

For the Optional English Credit Additional Literature Books are Necessary (NOT INCLUDED IN THE KIT)

You can choose to add an optional half-year credit in English by reading these books and completing the writing assignments. These books should be available at your local library or on inter-library loan. ISBNs included to help you find them if you wish to purchase.

Grades 9-12, One-semester course.

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Additional Literature Books for Exploring Economics

NOTE: The four extra literature books are not included in the Curriculum Package. If you wish to earn the optional English credit, then you need to purchase them or borrow from your local library. The Exploring Economics Bundle includes the Literature Package.

  • Silas Marner 9780486292465 By George Eliot is used in Units 1-3. Paperback
  • The Rise of Silas Lapham 9780140390308 By William Dean Howels is used in Units 4-7. Paperback
  • The Travels of a T-Shirt in the Global Economy 9781118950142 By Pietra Rivoli is used in Units 8-11. Paperback
  • Mover of Men and Mountains 9780802438188 By R. G. LeTourneau is used in Units 12-15. Paperback

In the literature guide that comes with the set, the authors have written a synopsis of each book, why it is important, and includes notes to parents.

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