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BJU Press Chemistry Homeschool Kit~CLEARANCE

Traditional Christian-based Chemistry Curriculum for 11th Grade

  • Study atomic structure, chemical composition, chemical reactions and chemistry topics.
  • Learn how to use the tools of chemistry to glorify God and help people.
  • Shows how people use chemistry in different fields of chemistry.
  • BJU Press Chemistry is used successfully by homeschoolers, co-ops, and Christian school.
  • This traditional Christian-based chemistry course has these components: Teacher’s Edition, Student Text, Tests, Test Answer Key, Student Lab Manual, and Teacher’s Lab Manual.
  • Purchase a complete homeschool kit for one student and one teacher.

Chemistry 11 Kit

BJU Press Chemistry Kit
Chemistry 11
Homeschool Kit 4th Edition

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BJU Press Chemistry Kit 4th Edition

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

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BJU Press Chemistry Subject Kit (4th Edition), a traditional Christian-based chemistry course, studies atomic structure, chemical composition, chemical reactions, and chemistry topics to prepare your student for college chemistry. It is used successfully by homeschoolers, co-ops, and Christian school.

The Bob Jones Chemistry 4th Edition Home School Kit includes one of each of the following:

  • Chemistry Teacher’s Edition with CD 4th ed.  (#294157, ISBN-13: 9781606826072) features:
    • Lesson plan overview
    • Chapter Overview
    • Suggested Teaching Schedule
    • Margin notes including:
      • Identifies lab activities that fit with the lesson
      • Suggested demonstrations with details for implementation
      • Bible integration help
      • Difficult concept help
      • Related web resources
      • Outside Reading suggestions
      • Review advice
      • Group Activity suggestions
      • What’s available for that lesson on the Teacher’s Toolkit
      • Related links from other subjects
      • Ideas for enrichment writing
    • The Teacher’s Toolkit CD has extra material including:
      • Chapter visuals
      • Section quizzes
      • Resources for enrichment and practice
      • Extra labs
      • Editable lab equipment and materials list
      • Printable periodic table
      • Worldview sleuthing grading rubrics
  • Chemistry Student Text (#515833, ISBN-13: 9781606825679) features:
    • Chapters Objectives
    • Boldfaced glossary terms
    • Margin Boxes with additional info
    • Example problems
    • Problem-solving strategy boxes
    • Facets-extra information about the topic
    • Worldview Sleuthing boxes-helps your student view controversial areas in chemistry through the lens of Scripture
    • Review questions
    • Career Boxes about chemistry-related occupations
    • Chapter summaries
  • Student Chemistry Lab Manual 4th ed. for Chemistry (#294173, ISBN-13: 9781606826089)
    Has guided inquiry labs.
  • Teacher’s Chemistry Lab Manual 4th ed. (#294165, ISBN-13: 9781606826096)
    Guidelines and suggested answers for the lab activities.
  • Chemistry Tests 4th ed.  (#294181, ISBN-13: 9781606826102)
    Includes 20 chapter tests with a variety of questions types: Multiple-choice, True/false, Matching, Labeling diagrams, Short answer, Fill-in-the-blank, and Essay.
  • Chemistry Test Answer Key 4th ed. (#294207, ISBN-13: 9781606826119)
    Overprinted answers for all the objective questions and suggested responses for the essay questions to make grading easy.

Grade 11

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