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HMH Go Math Homeschool Package Grade 6

Secular-Based Complete Math Kit For Sixth Grade

Now the award-winning Go Math!® curriculum is available for homeschool.

Go Math! 6 Complete Kit

Go Math Homeschool Package Sixth Grade.

Go Math! 6
Homeschool Package
Sixth Grade
ISBN-13: 9780544875067
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

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Go Math! Homeschool Package for Sixth Grade

Features of Go Math 6 Homeschool Package

Each Go Math! 6 Homeschool Kit includes a Write-In Student Edition, Teacher Edition Chapter Books, Planning Guide, Bilingual Mathboard, Student Assessment Workbook, Teacher’s Assessment Workbook.

  • The student edition is consumable.
  • *NOTE: Go Math! for homeschool does not include access to digital resources.
  • According to the publisher, Go Math! aligns to the Common Core State Standards.

The HMH Go Math! 6 Homeschool Package for Grade 6 includes the following components.

  • The Go Math! 6 Student Edition Set (ISBN-13: 9780544745612) features
    • Record strategies, explanations, solutions, practice and test prep in the student workbook.
    • Math on the Spot Videos—Provide step-by-step instructions and explanations for key math concepts (Requires QR reader app)
    • Show What You Know—An assessment at the start of each chapter to help your child remember previous concepts.
    • Go Deeper—Questions to challenge your child to higher-order thinking
    • Math Talk—Encourages your child to explain what is being learned.
    • Think Smarter Questions—Instruct the students to draw or write an explanation of hey they solved the problem.
    • Now includes games and an increased emphasis on vocabulary
    • Consumable for one student.
    • ©2016 Student Edition Set (9780544745612) includes Volume 1 9780544710641 and Volume 2 9780544710658. 
  • The Go Math! 6 Teacher Edition and Planning Guide Bundle  (ISBN-13: 9780544745896) features
    • Separate Teacher Edition Chapter Booklets are easier to use.
    • Include cross-curricular content connecting science, literacy, and social studies to the math concepts being taught.
    • Color-coded by core math competencies to make lesson planning easy and flexible.
    • Chapter Planners with Math Standards Correlations.
    • Additional End of Year Planning Resources.
    • ©2016 Teacher Bundle (9780544745896) includes: Go Math! (StA) Planning Guide Grade 6 9780544712119 and Go Math! (StA) Teacher Edition Collection Grade 6 9780544745827.
  • The Go Math! Bilingual Mathboard Gr. 5-6 (ISBN-13: 9780544764972) features
    • A write-on, wipe-off resource that helps students organize their thinking.
    • Enables the student to engage in the Mathematical Processes and supports Math Talk
    • ©2016
  • Go Math! 6 Getting Ready for High Stakes Assessment Workbook Student Edition (ISBN-13: 9780544601970) ©2015
  • Go Math! 6 Getting Ready for High Stakes Assessment Workbook Teacher Edition (ISBN-13: 9780544604803) ©2015

Grade 6

Price $186.80

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