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Making Memories–Will They Remember?

This Made a Memory?

Do you wonder if all those memories you make with your children will ever be remembered?

Today my teenage son gave me a lovely surprise. He recalled a fond memory from his younger years that I had forgotten. It was one of those spontaneously made memories—not the preplanned sort.

Our washing machine bit the dust when he was little. He remembered we ran out of clean clothes. The memory that stands out for him was wearing his papa’s t-shirt and listening to his mama’s stories while the new machine washed their clothes. It was a warm fuzzy moment for him and a completely accidental memory maker for me.

Recalling that memory was the best part because it made a new one for both of us. We laughed at a five-year-old boy’s perception of the demise of his mother’s washing machine—the visions of dirty laundry everywhere and the delights of storytelling and gigantic t-shirts. My disaster created his adventure.

Remember some memories with your children today! And make some new memories while you are at it.

May you be pleasantly surprised.

Oh, in case they are memories of the unpleasant sort, take this opportunity to see the character building aspects, to walk in forgiveness, and to create new memories of the healthy sort.


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