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Artistic Pursuits Sculpture Technique: Construct

For the Artistically Gifted Homeschool Student Who Wants to Learn About Sculpture Constructing

The Artistic Pursuits Sculpture Technique Construct course by Brenda Ellis is for anyone who wants to learn sculpture constructing techniques with step-by-step instruction and hands-on projects. [Features…]

Sculpture Technique Construct

ARTistic Pursuits Sculpture Technique: Construct 9781939394101.

Sculpture Technique: Construct

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Artistic Pursuits Sculpture Technique: Construct

By Brenda Ellis, Publisher: Artistic Pursuits, Inc.

ISBN-13: 9781939394101

In the Sculpture Technique: Construct course, your student will study four different units about sculpture: Form, planes, motion, and volume.

  • Designed to be used independently by the student who will be self-regulated and guided by independent thinking.
  • Based on the creativity of the artist, the sculptural process is also restricted by the materials and processing time.
  • Depending on the time spent on the course, your student can earn one credit for Sculpture 1.
  • Keep track of hours that the student spends on planning, sketching, field trips to observe sculptures, reading the text and supplemental materials, project time, etc.

Grade: Upper elementary to high school, ages 11 to 18, designed as a one year course.

Features of Sculpture Technique

  • Written in a conversational style
  • Step-by-step instructions with photographs/illustrations of techniques
  • Lay-flat binding with a plastic cover
  • Each course gives one-year sculpturing credit upon completion.
  • Specially written for the homeschool setting
  • Hands-on projects with several different sculpture media
  • Intended for independent study
  • A full list of necessary art supplies
  • Each unit has an evaluation to understand elements, creativity, and craftsmanship of the student’s projects
  • Learn about the Homeschool Art Instruction for Sculpture by ARTistic Pursuits: Sculpture Techniques Construction and Model
  • Video: Artistic Pursuits Sculpture


List $57.00

Price $49.99

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