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Artistic Pursuits Upper Elementary Book 1

An Excellent, Homeschool-friendly Art Curriculum for Upper Elementary

Explore the elements of art and composition through American art with lessons and hands-on art projects. [Features…]

Elementary Book 1

Artistic Pursuits Elementary School Book 1 9781939394040.

Elementary 4-5 Book 1
Elements of Art and Composition
Artistic Pursuits

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Artistic Pursuits Elementary Book 1 Elements of Art and Composition (3rd Edition)

By Brenda Ellis, Publisher: Artistic Pursuits

ISBN-13: 9781939394040

In the Elementary 4-5 Book 1 Elements of Art and Composition, students have their first in-depth look at the elements of art

  • Requires little or no teacher preparation.
  • Written in an easily understandable style.
  • Lots of illustrations in pencil and pen—the media they will be using.
  • Has 16 units with 68 lessons uses American Art for examples.
  • Introduces your student to various media such as Ebony pencil, white pencil, black markers with point and wide tip, scratch art paper, and silhouette.
  • Affordable, non-consumable art Elements of Art and Composition textbook.
  • Save on Artistic Pursuits elementary art all year long at Lamp Post Homeschool.
  • Video: Learn About Artistic Pursuits Elementary Art

Grades 4-5

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