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Wait for It

A Place for My Shells
A Place for My Shells

A couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning my “Amazing Room” in preparation for my sister’s visit. The Amazing Room is the Sewing/Art/Exercise/Guest Bedroom, a work in progress.

Boxes with contents waiting to be sorted and reduced were my target. It was going well until I hit the old homeschool stuff box. There were the games I made from scratch for the children to learn letters, mismatched flash card sets, and the two collections that took forever to gather–the rocks and the shells. It’s hard to part with those teaching tools. I stuffed everything back into the container to deal with later, silently praying for a good solution, but not giving it much thought.

A new home magazine came in the mail today. My answer to the problem popped right out as I was flipping pages. Put them in a pretty container in the Amazing Room and wait for a teachable moment with the grandchildren, not that it wouldn’t happen with the teenage sons, but it’s seashells and pretty little rocks.

Such a little thing brought so much joy. For the next few minutes, I put the shells and rocks into their new homes and anticipated the expressions on their faces when I pull out a new mystery box collection on a rainy day.

As we seek order and purpose in this life and ask God for answers, sometimes we have to wait for it and listen carefully for His softly whispered solutions.


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