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Discovering Design with Biology Set

A New Biology Course for High School by Dr. Jay Wile

Discovering Design with Biology is a Laboratory-based high school biology course designed for students who have completed Algebra 1. [Features…]

Discovering Design with Biology Set.
Basic Set
Discovering Design Biology
Berean Builders
High School
Discovering Design with Biology Complete Set with Audio Book, Berean Builders.
Complete Set with Audio
Discovering Design Biology
Berean Builders
High School

Discovering Design with Biology Set

Discovering Design with Biology Set.
Discovering Design with Biology Set
Item #9798985252941S

Price $79.00

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Discovering Design with Biology Set

By Dr. Jay L. Wile, Publisher: Berean Builders

Item #9798985252941S

This laboratory-based biology course give the student an introduction how living organisms are designed, how the interact with one another, and how the interact with their physical environment.

The complete set includes the set plus the Audio Book on USB Flash Drive for students who are audio learners or need help with reading. [Read more about course Features…]

One of each of the following items is included in the Discovering Design with Biology Set:

  • Discovering Design with Biology Text 9798985252941
  • Answer Key & Tests for Discovering Design with Biology 9798985252958 contains:
    • Answer keys for all textbook to review questions
    • Tests
    • Answer Keys for the tests
    • Softcover

View the scope and sequence at the publisher’s website:

  • Scope and Sequence Course overview with footnotes on how to qualify for honors credit and lab credit.

Grade: High School after completing Algebra 1

Price $79.00

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Features of Discovering Design with Biology

  • It is an independent-study college-preparatory course that covers fundamental aspects of biology.
  • Learn about photosyntheses, cellular respiration, and cellular reproduction.
  • Survey different organisms found in nature: archaea, bacteria, protists, fungi, invertebrates, vertebrates, and plants.
  • Learn how biologists classify life, the chemical processes that make life possible, the structures of RNA and DNA, and the designs of the different cells found in living organisms.
  • See that life results from design and that organisms have been given the ability to adapt to their surroundings.
  • Learn about the means by which photosynthesis, cellular respiration, and cellular reproduction occur.
  • Study the current state of biotechnology.
  • Learn about the biogeochemical cycles that keep environments hospitable to life and discuss ecosystems.
  • Study various problems associated with the modern evolutionary synthesis.
  • Contains 180 hours of instruction and 38 hands-on experiments.
  • Presents biology with a Christian viewpoint.
  • An Audio Book version is now available in a complete set to accompany the book—Great for audio learners and those with reading difficulties.
  • Download these very helpful samples at the publisher’s website:

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