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Preserve Your MCP Phonics Practice Readers

Make Phonics Practice Readers (Modern Curriculum Press) Last Longer

The Phonics Practice Readers Series is very popular with teachers who have been teaching reading for years with them. If you use MCP Phonics Practice Readers, you know they are booklets printed on paper and aren’t very sturdy.

Phonics Practice Readers
Modern Curriculum Press Phonics Practice Readers Series A-1 is the most popular set.

Customers who use these readers in private schools tell us there is a way to make them last longer. We can’t say how long these will be in print, but the Skillmasters Worksheets are going out of print. It makes us wonder how long the readers will be available.

Take It Apart

The first step is to take a reader apart. Each one is stapled in the center of the book. It is easy to remove the staples with a staple remover. Keep each reader separate so you don’t mix up the pages, but you know that.

Keep in mind that you will be putting the books back together once you laminate the pages in the next steps.

Laminate Both Sides of Each Page

Find a local office supply or teacher supply store that offers lamination. Typically Staples has this service in their printing centers. If you can, wait until they have a sale on laminating.

You will also need to decide if you want to laminate the cover, too. The covers are a heavier card stock paper. If you are planning on long-term use and making the investment, then it’s probably cost effective to laminate the cover, too.

After the pages are laminated, you may need to trim them. If you have access to a paper cutter, the cut edges will be neater.

MCP Phonics Practice Readers Series C
Phonics Practice Readers Series C Set 3

Staple the Books Back Together

This part can be tricky because it is best if you have a stapler that can handle 9″ wide pages. Ask around if you don’t have one. Be sure to put the books back together in proper order.

Place the outside cover on top when you staple so the ends of each staple are on the inside of the book. Make sure the ends of each staple are down, so no one gets poked.

Or Stitch Them By Hand with Heavy String/Thread

If you don’t have access to an oversized stapler, use a heavy-duty needle and some heavier thread to “sew” the books together.

An Alternate Method

You can always purchase clear plastic contact paper and do it at home, but I think it will be much harder, and the results won’t be as good.

It’s Not Cheap

It isn’t cheap by any means. If you plan to use the MCP Phonics Practice Readers for multiple students, then it will reduce your eventual cost per student because each one will last longer. For homeschool families, the laminated Modern Curriculum Press Phonics Practice Readers might last long enough to pass down to your second generation homeschooled grandchildren.

If you’ve ever done this and have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.



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