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Savvas enVisionMATH2.0 Grade 7 Kit 9780768597059

Are You Looking For a Complete Secular Seventh Grade Math Program?

You can teach math at home and emphasize the mastery of math concepts (current standards) with complete secular-based enVision Math 7 Homeschool Packages. [See Features…]

7th Grade Homeschool Kit

enVision Math 2.0 7th Grade Homeschool .

7th Grade
Homeschool Kit
Savvas enVision Math 2.0

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enVision Math 2.0 2017—Homeschool Bundle for Seventh Grade

Publisher: Scott Foresman•Addison Wesley, Savvas Learning Company [Formerly Pearson K12 Learning]

ISBN-13: 9780768597059

The enVisionmath2.0 Grade 7 Homeschool Bundle includes:

  • Student Edition (9780328908783 & 9780328908790)
    A two-volume printed, consumable write-in student work text with built-in homework.
  • One-year subscription to Digital Resources on Savvas Realize™, the online learning system for enVisionMath2.0. [Formerly called Pearson Realize™]
    Log-on to view and use all program materials at your computer. (9780328972609)
  • Teacher Resource Masters Books Package (9780328881062 & 9780328881093)
    Reproducible black-line masters for Home-School Connections Letters, Reteach to Build Understanding, Additional Vocabulary Support, Build Mathematical Literacy, Enrichment, and Teaching Tools.
  • Additional Practice (9780328908745)
    Reproducible (for one classroom/family) black-line masters for additional practice problems and assessment practice.
  • Assessment Sourcebook (9780328885008)
    Reproducible (for one classroom/family) black-line masters for lesson quizzes, topic assessments, cumulative assessments, and more.

Grade Seven

Features of Savvas enVision Math 2.0 2017—Complete Homeschool Package for 7th Grade

  • Personalized and Adaptive Learning
    Make learning personal and use adaptive learning technology to help address individual homeschool student needs.
    enVisionmath2.0 ensures that all homeschool students make progress and achieve mathematical proficiency.
  • Everything Right for Every Learner
    Problem-based learning drives homeschool student engagement and collaboration.
    Visual learning strategies, interactive practice, and built-in intervention resources help personalize the experience.
  • Comprehensive, Not Complicated!
    Find all resources, instruction, and assessments at point of use.
    You can quickly and easily customize the content, auto-assign differentiation, and use real-time assessment data.
  • Topic Organization
    Organized into topics and groups of connected topics.
    Promotes mathematical content connections.
  • Solve & Share Problem-based learning
    Ensures rigor with problem-based learning.
    Connects the abstract to the explicit through visual learning.
    Guides student to conceptual understanding with multi-tiered RtI.
  • Independent Practice
    Every lesson in enVisionMath2.0 provides personalized learning to encourage students to spend the time to build their math understanding.
  • Differentiation
    Offers a variety of engaging differentiation options in every lesson to encourage and challenge homeschool students of all learning levels.
  • Power of Savvas Realize™—Online Management System—formerly known as Pearson Realize™.
    Customizes the curriculum and make data-driven decisions.
    Offer flexibility in planning, teaching, learning, and progress monitoring.
  • Cross Curricular & College-Ready (Grades 6-8 only)
    • Challenging STEM Projects
    • Real-world problem solving.
    • Build students’ confidence to think on their own.
    • 3-Act Mathematical Modeling lessons feature:
      Act 1: The Hook
      A video engages students, followed by a brainstorm of possible questions/answer situations.
      ⦁ Act 2: The Model
      Students develop mathematical models to arrive at a solution
      ⦁ Act 3: The Resolution
      A video helps learners explain differences between their own conjectures and the actual solution.
  • Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)
    Device: Tablet, Computer
    Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS

Topics in enVision Math 2.0 Seventh Grade:

  1. Integers and Rational Numbers
  2. Analyze and Use Proportional Relationships
  3. Analyze and Solve Percent Problems
  4. Generate Equivalent Expressions
  5. Solve Problems Using Equations and Inequalities
  6. Use Sampling to Draw Inferences About Populations
  7. Probablility
  8. Solve Problems Involving Geometry

List $123.97

Price $109.99

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