myView Literacy 1st Grade Homeschool Bundle

Complete Homeschool Literacy Program for Grade 1

Teach first grade reading at home with an affordable complete homeschool kit. [Features…]

myView Literacy 1 Bundle

My View Literacy 1st Grade Homeschool Bundle.

1st Grade Literacy Kit
Savvas Learning Company
ISBN-13: 9781428455771

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myView Literacy Homeschool Package for 1st Grade

MyView Literacy 1 is a comprehensive, interactive literacy program that provides a balanced approach to teaching reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing using a collection of authentic reading texts and writing workshops.

Features of My View Literacy First Grade

  • Each bundle includes a Student edition and 1-year student and teacher digital access to
  • Connected Reading and Writing Workshops focus on teaching the critical skills and strategies homeschool students need to be highly competent thinkers, readers, and writers ready for college and career.
  • Focus on developing foundational skills and comprehension strategies to ensure that homeschool students are equipped to learn to read.
  • Time-saving lesson plans and all-in-one resources.
  • Create opportunities for student success.
  • Encourage students to become independent learners.

Each myView Literacy 1 Homeschool Kit includes:

  • myView Literacy 2020 Student Interactive Grade 1 Volume 1 ISBN-13: 9780134908755
  • myView Literacy 2020 Student Interactive Grade 1 Volume 2 ISBN-13: 9780134908762
  • myView Literacy 2020 Student Interactive Grade 1 Volume 3 ISBN-13: 9780134908779
  • myView Literacy 2020 Student Interactive Grade 1 Volume 4 ISBN-13: 9780134908786
  • myView Literacy 1020 Student Interactive Grade 1 Volume 5 ISBN-13: 9780134908793
  • Homeschool Digital Access Card ISBN-13: 9780328972609
    Digital components come with a 1-year online subscription.
    **NOTE: The Homeschool Digital Access Card comes in your print package. Please locate it as soon as you open your package(s). It has the instructions you need to access your online digital content on the Savvas Realize™ Digital Platform. Your Order Number is needed when you apply for access. It is located on the label on the box. If you misplace it by accident, please contact us and we can help.
  • myView Literacy 2020 Digital Courseware 1-year License for grade 1 ISBN-13: 9780134972268

Grade 1

List $59.47

Price $54.97
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