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BJU Press English-Writing & Grammar Grades 1-12

Teach English and Writing and Grammar at home with complete Homeschool Kits

More of the instructional material is now in the student workbook with this traditional Christian-based English Curriculum. Available as English for Grades 1-6 and Writing and Grammar for Grades 7-12.

English for Grades 1-6

  • Work alongside your student with one-on-one instruction.
  • Study English with a well-designed and visually pleasing student textbook.
  • Best of all the homeschool kits are priced economically, especially for families.
  • BJU Press English for grades 1 to 6 is a Christian-based traditional curriculum.
BJU Press Phonics & English 1 Kit.

English 1
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
1st Grade

BJU Press English 2.

English 2
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
2nd Grade

BJU Press English 3.

English 3
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
3rd Grade

BJU Press English 4 Kit.

English 4
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
4th Grade

BJU Press English 5 Kit.

English 5
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
5th Grade

BJU Press English 6 Kit.

English 6
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
6th Grade

Writing and Grammar Grades 7-12

At the secondary level, BJU Press changes from English to Writing and Grammar—there no separate spelling or handwriting. Their strong writing and composition program is even better by placing most of the instructional material in the student text.

  • Work alongside your student for one-on-one instruction
  • Or if the student is more independent (“just give me the material, and I’ll read it and figure it out, Mom!”) it also works.
  • Well designed visually and priced economically.
  • Bob Jones Writing and Grammar is a Christian-based English program.
BJU Press English 7.

Writing and Grammar 7
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
7th Grade

BJU Press English 8.

Writing and Grammar 8
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
8th Grade

BJU Press English 9.

Writing and Grammar 9
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
9th Grade 9

BJU Press English 10.

Writing and Grammar 10
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
10th Grade

BJU Press English 11.

Writing and Grammar 11
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
11th Grade

BJU Press English 12.

Writing and Grammar 12
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
12th Grade

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