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Joys of Homeschooling

Here’s a list of our top ten joys of homeschooling that I compiled a few years ago. Things have changed since then—our youngest has graduated from homeschool high school—but it was still a joy to homeschool them. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Mailbox in the snow
Mailbox in the snow

1.  Each child has an assigned day to greet our mail carrier and collect the mail. (We had to implement this feature because our “Mail Lady” was overwhelmed with the mob at the mailbox.)

2.  Everyone has assigned chores. I really like this part! Many hands make the work light.

3. You meet a lot of people who ask you interesting questions such as, “How come your kids aren’t in school?” “Is it legal?” “What about socialization?”, and “Are you crazy?” It can be intimidating the first few times, but it becomes humorous after a while—because it’s foolishness.

4.  You need a massive wall calendar to track each family member; you add the call waiting feature to your telephone so your friends can reach you, and you pay the car insurance and gasoline bill for teenagers who run errands and do volunteer work in the community. Then you get a good laugh when you come to the realization that socialization is not a problem when you homeschool.

5. After carefully explaining to your five-year-old daughter about Santa Claus and the legend of St. Nicholas (who lived a long time ago) and telling her that God is the One who really gives you gifts, the One who is everywhere all the time, and the One who knows whether you are good or bad, you are totally shocked when a well-meaning elderly couple at the department store asks her if Santa is coming to see her at Christmas and she replies, “Nope, he’s dead.” #TrueStory I can laugh now!

6. You go shopping and your children walk around asking total strangers if they know Jesus. :-)

7.  Elderly people come to your home and comment on how happy your children are and that they like them because your children enjoy their company. It’s one of the joys of homeschooling.

8.  They never miss the school bus.

9.  They don’t have church/state schizophrenia. In their world, God is supreme and merged with every aspect of their life.

10.  They get to pray when they have hurties. And God makes it feel better.

From my old blog “Mother of Many Homeschools” originally posted on 05/31/05 at a blog site that is now closed.

Harriet Yoder

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