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What is the Cost of Homeschooling?

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What is the Cost of Homeschooling?

Recently veteran homeschooler Harriet Yoder chatted about various aspects of homeschooling with interviewer Rob Vail. These mp3 audio files should open automatically.

Transcript: What is the Cost of Homeschooling?


I would imagine that homeschooling is a pretty expensive proposition. Is that right?


Well, not really, when you compare it to the cost of Christian school tuition per child, you can really homeschool elementary school students for less than $500 per year. That’s if you’re buying bells and whistles. High school’s going to cost a little bit more, probably $50 to $150 per course for the books. But that’s the cost of doing business.

You save money because you don’t have to buy everything in August when everyone else is. You don’t have to buy coats as soon as it gets cold. You can wear your old coat and wait until they go on sale. We can buy our fall clothes after the kids are back in school and the sales start. You save a lot of money that way.

You save a lot of money not having to drive into town to pick them up. Gas money, lunch money. You get to actually spend it on food for your house.

It’s your child’s future. I was just telling you a minute ago, what’s the cost of sending them to public school? Maybe down the road, you need to pay for psychiatrists and lawyer fees. How much is that going to set you back?

This is an investment in your child. It really isn’t as much as what people think.

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