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Are Homeschoolers Socially Adjusted?

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Are Homeschoolers Socially Adjusted?

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Transcript:  Are Homeschoolers Socially Adjusted?


Harriet, we talked a little bit about the homeschool groups before regarding the children’s socialization skills, but I want to talk a little bit more about that now.

How do you find homeschool kids are adjusted socially? How do they deal with adults? How do they interact with their peers?


For the most part, homeschooled children are very sociable. They are able to interact with people of all ages.

What I’ve {seen in my own case} when I was growing up, we learned that older children were to be feared and younger children were stupid, and we only hung around with people our own age. They were the only cool ones.

With homeschool children, they interact with all ages, especially older people, I mean, elderly people.

Wynne’s parents used to come visit us. We’re in their hometown so a lot of their older friends would come to our house. They said strange things like oh your children are happy. These are normal average people. They don’t come from abusive households or [some other situation where children would be sad.] They are seeing some children who aren’t happy. That’s really scary.

They also said your children like to be around us. They aren’t afraid of us. They don’t want to come and say hi and leave. They talk to us and they interact with us.

That’s how homeschooled children are. They like people.

Veteran homeschoolers laugh at the socialization issue. It is not an issue.

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