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Farming and City People

Compared to a hundred years ago, most of us don’t know much about farming except that chickens lay eggs and cows make milk. That’s why it is beneficial for city children to participate in 4H or attend county fairs or state fairs.

Boy at County Fair
Boy at County Fair

Kemp’s Little Farm Hands is an exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair. Check your state fair for interactive educational activities that are family friendly. There is also an “At Home Fair Fun” version of Kemp’s Little Farm Hands developed since Covid shut everything down.

Count it for school! Include it as a field trip for your “Early American” or “Westward Expansion” studies. If you are studying plants or animals, it counts for science.

Helpful science resources for your farm study include Great Science Adventures, Science Dimensions, and Master Books Science.

Gotta love homeschooling.



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