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LifePac Spanish 2 Complete Course

Learn Second Year Spanish With LIFEPAC Spanish 2 Boxed Set for Grades 9-12

This colorful, consumable world language course will build your student’s knowledge of intermediate Spanish~Complete with audio CDs.

Spanish 2 Boxed Set

LIFEPAC Spanish 2 Homeschool Kit.

Spanish 2 Set with CDs
LIFEPAC Elective

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LIFEPAC Electives Spanish 2 Set with CDs

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

ISBN-13: Item #ES9916

  • Learn Spanish at home with LIFEPAC Spanish 2 for grades 9-12. Everything you need to teach homeschool Spanish: Student booklets, Teacher, and Audio CDs.
  • Learn to read, write, and understand more complex Spanish words and sentences by practicing fun conversations and dialogue.
  • LIFEPAC workbooks are small magazine size booklets—easy for students to read and complete.
  • The audio CDs will help with learning conversational skills and correct pronunciation.

The LIFEPAC Spanish 2 Set with CDs has 10 LIFEPACs, a Teacher’s Guide, and audio CDs.

Requisite: The student should have already taken an introductory Spanish course or be familiar with the Spanish language.

For grades 9-12, this course is a year-long course for 1 credit in Jr. or Sr. High.

Price $144.00

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