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Drawing Flowers and Trees by Bruce McIntyre

Learn the Most Important Art and Drawing Elements for Drawing Trees and Flowers!

Written and illustrated by the late Bruce McIntyre, Flowers and Trees has simple drawing lessons that are easily adaptable for multi-level teaching or homeschool co-ops.

Flowers and Trees

Flowers and Trees.

Flowers and Trees

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Flowers and Trees

By Bruce McIntyre, Publisher: Audio-Visual Drawing Program

Item #AV-302

Flowers and Trees features step-by-step lessons that show the most important art and drawing elements for drawing flowers and trees.

  • Draw plants such as a rose, coconut palm, gnarled tree trunk, banana tree, grapevine, and more.
  • Includes thirty different lessons on drawing plants.
  • Most of the lessons include a separate practice page.
  • Practice pages include instructions and additional drawing tips.
  • With delightful illustrations, it’s a fun way to learn about drawing different trees and flowers.
  • Black and white pen and ink type drawings.
  • Take the lessons together with your family, small class, or homeschool co-op.

Size: 8.5″ x 5.5″, 64 Pages, Softcover, Stapled

Grade Level: All Ages

Price $10.99

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