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Calvert Kindergarten Kit~Complete Curriculum Package

New Editions~Teach Homeschool Kindergarten with Calvert’s Easy-to-Use Complete Kits

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Calvert Homeschool newly updated complete curriculum kits for kindergarten are now available. Each Calvert complete package contains all the student books and teacher’s guides for one year of homeschooling kindergarten lessons.  Separate kindergarten math and language arts subject kits are also sold separately when you don’t need a complete grade kit. [Features…]

Homeschool Set K

Calvert Kindergarten Complete curriculum Kit.

Calvert Kindergarten
Complete Curriculum Kit

Price $180.00

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Calvert Kindergarten Complete 2-Subject Curriculum Set

Publisher: Calvert Publications

ISBN-13: 9780740339868

Teach beginning math and language arts with the Calvert Kindergarten Complete Set.

  • Each subject has 160 lessons with a corresponding teacher’s guide.
  • Comprehensive topics include numbers, shapes, colors, sounds, upper and lowercase letters, time, and addition and subtraction.
  • Enjoy Calvert’s colorful, fun-filled lessons!
  • Easy-to-follow lessons are workbook-based with diverse activities designed to teach math and language skills.

The Calvert Kindergarten Complete Set includes one of each of the following subject sets:

Price $180.00

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Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum

Calvert Language Arts Kindergarten Curriculum Kit.

Language Arts K Kit
Calvert Homeschool
ISBN-13: 9780740337178

Calvert Math Kindergarten Complete Kit.

Math K Kit
Calvert Homeschool
ISBN-13: 9780740337185

Horizons Complete Curriculum.

Complete Curriculum

LIFEPAC Kindergarten Set.


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