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The Fight for Freedom 9780890519424

A Christian-based American History Course

This American history course for upper elementary is written by Rick and Marilyn Boyer, the authors of Timeline of the Revolution. [Features…]

American History Set

Biographies of the Revolution Set.

Biographies of the Revolution Set ISBN-13: 9780890519424

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Biographies of the Revolution Set

By Marilyn Boyer, Rick Boyer, Publisher: Master Books

ISBN-13: 9780890519424

Features of Fight for Freedom

  • In The Fight for Freedom Course, your student will:
    • Learn true stories of America’s War for Independence—From non-revisionist sources.
    • Read about the providential acts of God that made it possible to oppose the most powerful military on earth.
    • Be introduced to the leaders, the causes, and the challenges of the Revolutionary War.
    • Discover life-changing character lessons from the experiences of real American heroes and villains.
  • The Teacher’s Guide, Biographies of the Revolution, is formatted for easy use.
  • The Student Text, The Fight for Freedom, is illustrated with pictures of famous people and scenes.
  • This course is part of the Master Books 4th Grade Curriculum Set.

Included in The Fight for Freedom Set is one of each of the following:

Biographies of the Revolution Teacher Guide (ISBN-13: 9780890519110) is easy to use with The Fight for Freedom.

  • Weekly Lesson Schedule
  • Student worksheets that are perforated for easy removal.
  • Quizzes and Tests as well as an Answer Key
  • Adjust the suggested flexible schedule to fit your needs.
  • After reading the assignment text, your student will complete the corresponding activities in the Teacher Guide.

The Fight for Freedom Student Text (ISBN-13: 9780890519097) your student will:

  • Learn about the leaders, the causes, and the challenges of the Revolutionary War.
  • Meet over 25 heroes of the War for Independence.
  • Have stories and Bible verses to help them remember what they’ve learned
  • Study the character traits of the heroes from callouts with comments—Little boxes with interesting facts.
  • Read about the providential acts of God that made it possible for colonial America to fight and win a war against Great Britain—the mightiest military power on earth at the time.
  • Get the truth from non-revisionist sources.

See samples at the publisher’s website.

For Ages 9-11

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