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Calvert History & Geography 2 Complete Kit

All You Need to Teach Second Grade History at Home~Calvert History 2 Kits

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There are ten colorful Student Books and a 2-part Teacher’s Guide in the easy-to-use complete history kit.

Calvert makes it easy to teach homeschool history & geography in 2nd grade.

Calvert History & Geography 2

Calvert History & Geography 2 Kit 9780740339783.
History & Geography 2
Calvert Publications

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Calvert 2nd Grade History & Geography Complete Curriculum Kit

Publisher: Calvert Publications

ISBN-13: 9780740339783

Calvert 2nd Grade History & Geography presents an introductory history of the United States of America.

  • Ten engaging workbooks present lessons on the trail of the Native Americans, the different branches of the government, westward expansion, and America’s pioneers.
  • The course also includes a comprehensive study of maps.
  • Since each self-paced unit can be completed in as little as three to four weeks, students experience a sense of accomplishment at the completion of each one!
  • In addition, regular self-tests and an end-of-unit test provide assessments of student progress.
  • An essential teacher’s guide is included to provide important teaching supplements, such as instructional notes and answer keys, as well as additional resources and activities.

The Calvert History & Geography 2 Complete Kit includes one of each of the following items:

Ten Student Workbooks Calvert History & Geography 2:

Teacher’s Guide Calvert History & Geography 2 provides:

  • Scope and Sequence for this course.
  • Step-by-step teaching instructions for all 160 lessons
  • Each lesson includes an introduction, specific learning objectives, a materials list, a vocabulary list, and assignments/activities.
  • Reproducible duplication master for unit review activities
  • Answer Keys
  • Lots of ideas for additional activities designed to reinforce essential social studies concepts!
  • View History & Geography 2 Teacher’s Guide Sample Pages (Including the Scope and Sequence)

2nd Grade

Price $144.00

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