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Elementary Zoology Curriculum

Does Your Child Want to Learn About Land Animals and Sea Creatures?

With the newly revised Elementary Zoology Curriculum Pack, you’ll study God’s amazing creatures and take field trips to the zoo and aquarium.

Elementary Zoology Kit

Master Books Elementary Zoology Curriculum Kit.
Master Books
Elementary Zoology Kit

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Elementary Zoology Curriculum Package

Publisher: Master Books

ISBN 13: 9781683442691

Complete with lesson plans, this multi-level science kit combines the study of animals with field trips to the zoo and the aquarium! Celebrate the wonder of God’s creation and His unique design of all life on earth with a Christian perspective and creation viewpoint.

The newly revised Elementary Zoology Package includes:

  • The newly revised, complete three-hole punched Elementary Zoology Teacher Guide (ISBN-13: 9781683442684) is what you need to plan and grade assignments in this course. Features include:
    • Calendar with  daily schedules and clear objectives
    • Student Worksheets to assess learning
    • Quizzes for assessment and reinforcement
    • Answer Keys for worksheets and quizzes
    • Bonus Activities
    • Preview a Sample of the Elementary Zoology Teacher Guide.
  • God’s Big Book of Animals (ISBN-13: 9781683441588) Learn about 60 of God’s wonderful creatures. Features:
    • Captivating, full-color photographs of all the animals
    • Written in a conversational tone that’s engaging
    • Presents animals and their origins from a strong Biblical, young-earth creationist worldview
    • Discover the secrets of your favorite animal’s odd behaviors, such as why woodpeckers don’t get headaches, how octopuses change colors, and what helps insects walk sideways and even upside down!
    • Preview a Sample of God’s Big Book of Animals.
  • How Many Animals Were On the Ark? (ISBN-13: 9780890519356) answers one of the most difficult questions concerning the long voyage of the historical Ark! How was it possible for Noah to bring aboard 2 million animals on the Ark, or were there perhaps less than 7,000?
    • See what a dog’s life can tell us about kinds
    • Clarify the issue of kinds versus species
    • Study actual cases of animals that show the reality of adaptation versus evolution.
    • With the guidance of various authors and researchers, you will discover how Noah would have only needed a few thousand animals with him, and how he and his family could have cared for all life on the Ark over the course of the year’s voyage. Though it is often considered a difficult concept to understand, these pages clearly show the historical reliability of God’s Word and how He saved two of every kind of living creature, along with Noah and his family!
    • Preview a Sample of How Many Animals Were On the Ark?
  • The Complete Aquarium Adventure (ISBN-13: 9780890515549) is a field trip in a book. Learn about amphibians, aquatic birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, pelicans, penguins, clownfish, eels, sea dragons, jellyfish, sharks, coral octopus, stingrays, and even whale sharks. Get all hands on deck and prepare to cast off! Your nautical-themed adventure is about to begin! Get your toes wet as you learn:
    • Why birds need air sacs attached to their lungs
    • The important relationship between clownfish and sea anemones
    • Incredible design features of the unusual hammerhead shark
    • Where coral reefs are found, and why they are endangered
    • Which mammals live in the water and have cone-shaped teeth
    • Designed for on-the-go learning, the convenient activity kit can be removed to take with you to the aquarium, your local lake or the beach.
    • Includes devotionals and other materials to help in preparing to your visit to the aquarium, as well as activities and helpful tips during your trip to make it safe, enjoyable and educational. When you’ve returned home, there are other activities like BingOcean to enhance learning reinforcement.
    • Preview a sample at the publisher’s website: Preview Complete Aquarium Adventure
  • The Complete Zoo Adventure (ISBN-13: 9780890515006) is a field trip to the zoo in a book.  A family or class trip to the zoo becomes an unforgettable learning adventure with this unique, evolution-free guide to the incredible world of animals! Did you know:
    • That the flamingo’s pink color comes from the food that it eats?
    • That the hummingbird’s heart beats 1,000 times per minute?
    • That the polar bear has a third eyelid that acts as “sunglasses” to protect it from snow blindness?
    • Features include:
      • Before the Zoo preparations
      • At the Zoo
      • After the Zoo activities
      • 7 Devotionals
      • 27 Encounters with God’s Creatures
      • “Looking Ahead” – 7 Creation Foundation Lessons
      • Detailed Professional Educator Guide
      • 27 Scripture Memory Aids
      • 12 Name Badges
    • Preview a sample at the publisher’s website: Preview Complete Zoo Adventure
  • God’s Amazing Creatures (ISBN-13: 9780890512944) is a creation devotional designed to help children understand God’s design for them. It shows detailed, pen and ink illustrations of animals: mammals, insects, and birds. Each one is paired with a description and an application for the youthful reader. Explore God’s awesome creation while you study zoology.

Grades: 4th to 6th, one-year zoology science curriculum

List $146.94

Price $117.49

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