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Best Refrigerator for Large Families

A Practical Solution to Finding the Best Refrigerator for Large Families

How We Doubled Our Refrigerator Storage Space  for Half the Price

We solved our need for a larger refrigerator in a very simple, less expensive way. Statistically, you need more cold storage space when you have large families. It saves trips to the store to replenish milk, eggs, and other staples that you use everyday in large amounts.

The Largest Refrigerators Are The Most Expensive

At the appliance store, the largest refrigerators (unless you go commercial) aren’t really that much larger for cubic feet, but they cost more than twice as much. It was discouraging when we looked last time because for a lot more bucks, we only gained a few cubic feet (CF) of storage space

Then There Was This Sale on the No-Frills Standard Refrigerators

Best Economical Refrigerator Set-up for Large Families.
Best Refrigerator for Large Families

Fortunately for us, there was a sale at our appliance store. The no-frills, standard 22 CF refrigerators with the freezer on top were on sale for around $500 each. Two at $500 was much cheaper than one at $1500.

Having no water dispenser on the door was a great idea for us. Keeping it free of mold and battling water wars with small children is not my idea of fun. Our well water comes cold and clean out of the faucet.

Each fridge has an ice maker with an extra container to store the ice, but there is not an ice dispenser either. (No more stepping barefoot in puddles of melted ice.)

Buying two of these and placing the handles on the center creates a giant 44 cubic foot refrigerator for 30% less than the cost of a 26 cubic foot refrigerator with all the bells and whistles. We love it. There is plenty of room for milk containers and anything else you need plus we can easily see what is inside because we don’t have to stuff everything.

If space is a problem and you can’t place them side-by-side, then you can put the second refrigerator in another location and use it for all the items you don’t need right away.




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