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What Is the Mission of Lamp Post Homeschool?

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What Is the Mission of Lamp Post Homeschool?

Interviewer Rob Vail of This Side of the Country Radio Ministry and Harriet Yoder chatted about What Is the Mission of Lamp Post Homeschool a few years ago. These mp3 audio files should open automatically.


I get the feeling just from talking to you that you view Lamp Post Homeschool Store as a ministry as much as it is a business for you.

What is the mission of Lamp Post Homeschool Store?


We started out before we ever had the store, we were homeschool support group leaders. We heard the stories. We heard why people quit going to public school, why they started homeschooling.

And then we also heard why they were stopping homeschooling, why they were quitting, and why they couldn’t do it anymore.

What we found is that they need encouragement. They need to choose the right curriculum.

That’s what we do at our store. We encourage people to keep on homeschooling because it gets rough sometimes. You’re there with several children, even if you have an only child, it gets rough—one-on-one.

We have moments. How many time have we threatened to put them in public school? I had one lady whose son finally said, “Mom, spank me or do something, but please don’t tell me you are going to put me in public school.

We have those moments. You just need to know that it’s normal to have good days and bad days. You need to know you can’t see the big picture in the moment to moment daily thing of changing diapers, cleaning your house, homeschooling, running around chasing your children, and trying to get them to do what they’re supposed to. You can’t see that ten or fifteen years from now they are going to be in college on the Dean’s List. They’re going to be in college making friends and influencing those people for the Lord, being positive and enthusiastic where teachers want to see them. In the workplace where they are good employees. Homeschoolers have a track record of being good employees.

They’ve done surveys. [Homeschool graduates] are good employees. They go to college. They work. They volunteer, They vote. They go to church. They’re good citizens of the universe.

We want to help people choose curriculum that will help them get from the everyday little kid’s stuff to the turning out superior people who have character like the Lord.

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