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What About Socialization?

What About Socialization?
What About Socialization?

Harriet Yoder chatted about various aspects of homeschooling with interviewer Rob Vail.

Transcript: What About Socialization?

Rob: I guess one of the biggest concerns that any new homeschooler might have is regarding socialization skills. Will my [child] get the socialization skills that they need if I homeschool? Can you tell us if there’s any kind of support groups or groups available that could help homeschoolers with that?

Harriet: Almost every city of any size has a homeschool support group. A lot of medium-sized towns have several different support groups. They can be really organized or kind of a loose let’s go do a field trip sort of thing. They can be as organized as having co-op activities to high school algebra or Spanish, or some of the courses that people don’t feel confident teaching themselves. The parents get together and say well I can teach science and somebody else says I can do art. You do science and I’ll do art. It works out really well. As the homeschool population increases in the next 10 to 15 years, I would say most towns will probably have a homeschool group. If you are living in an oasis or somewhere in the desert, there aren’t any people around anyway. You can’t blame that on homeschooling. I tell people if you think you are all by yourself, go start a homeschool support group. You’ll see there are other people out there. They just need to get in touch with each other.

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