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What About Homeschool Law?

What About Homeschool Law?
What About Homeschool Law?

Harriet Yoder chatted about various aspects of homeschool law with interviewer Rob Vail. These mp3 audio files should open automatically.

Transcript: What About Homeschool Law?

Rob: As with everything, there’s always legal questions involved. With homeschooling I’m sure it’s no different. Where do you advise people to go and find all the answers regarding the legal aspect of homeschooling?

Harriet: Every state is different. We’re in Pennsylvania. It’s actually one of the most restrictive states. We have a link on our website. If you go the Helpful Homeschool Links! page, there are links to just about every state. It has links to join HSLDA . That’s the Home School Legal Defense website. They have a basic part of the website where you can go click on your state. It will tell you the basic laws in your state to tell you what’s required. Every state is different. Homeschoolers have a very good track record around the United States. There’s not been a correlation between how well homeschoolers do and how much regulation there is in the state. Basically, go to that link. [Helpful Homeschool Links!]

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