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Teaching Children About Jesus

Teaching Children About Jesus, Doing Family Devotions and Bible Study, and Teaching Them to Pray

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Homeschooling Encouragement Article by Harriet Yoder

Customers often ask about teaching children about Jesus, doing family devotions and Bible study, and teaching them to pray. The following articles discuss the simple things we do to encourage a love for the Lord in our home. My husband and I were not saved when we married; though we were taken to church as children and raised with Christian values. Basically we started from scratch when we had our first baby. These tips are for those of you who need help to get started or for those of you who need some encouragement along the way.

I will always be grateful to my little sister who lived with us while she was attending medical school. After I had my first baby, she told us we needed to pray with our child EVERY TIME she was ill or had a hurtie. Looking back, I wonder how we could have been so clueless (but it was our lack of knowledge of spiritual things, that’s all). Now it is second nature and our children ask for prayer when they are hurt.

We learned most of this from reading about it in the Bible and in books about training children, and from watching older, wiser parents with their children. It is our hope that these articles can help you to train your children to love God and love others.


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