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Calvert Preschool Electives Set 9780740340970

All You Need to Teach Preschool Electives at Home with Calvert Homeschool Kits

Encourage discovery learning with a flexible program for preschoolers.

Calvert Electives for Preschool

Calvert Preschool Electives Kit 9780740340970.
Calvert Preschool Electives
Curriculum Kit


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Calvert Preschool Electives Complete Set

Publisher: Calvert Publications

ISBN-13: 9780740340970

Create meaningful learning experiences with flexible Calvert Preschool Electives. It features:

  • Hands-on activities
  • Easy to teach engaging lessons are fun to learn.
  • Makes this early learning course a favorite of both kids and parents.
  • Adaptable to a variety of daily schedules and program objectives.
  • Enrich your child’s learning with a colorful student book and a teacher’s guide with answer keys, lesson plans, and tips.
  • Reinforce foundational concepts with a separate resource book with full-color pages of practice.

Grade: Preschool

Price $89.95

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Scope and Sequence for Calvert Preschool 9780740340970

Lessons 1-45

  • Discuss and explore
    family relationships
  • Discover nature
    and introduce the
  • Recognize concepts
    of left and right
  • Define self space
    and general space
  • Discuss air and its
    impact on nature
  • Explore plant life
    and its life cycle
  • Discuss the purpose
    of plants for people
    and animals
  • Discuss various
    seeds and how
    they are used or

Lessons 46-90

  • Learn about various
    parts of a tree
  • Explore different
    produce and their
  • Discuss how plants
    have medicinal
  • Introduce space and
    the solar system
  • Identify the four
  • Learn about
  • Discuss seasonal
    weather patterns
  • Discuss
    characteristics of
    stars and planets

Lessons 91-135

  • Explore the characteristics of fish
  • Review the life cycle
    of a frog
  • Discuss pollution
    and how it affects
    our water supply
    and animals
  • Explore the
    characteristics of
    birds, reptiles, and
  • Discuss endangered
    birds and the risk of
  • Learn the
    specific to mammals
  • Classify mammals
    and non-mammals

Lessons 136-180

  • Introduce the
    different body
  • Discuss the five
  • Discuss the kinds
    of tools needed for
    different jobs
  • Discuss the
    importance of
    following the rules
  • Introduce natural
  • Discover and
    examine fossils
  • Discuss the
    importance of
  • Learn about the
    importance of

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