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Writing With Style

What Happens When You Add Lively Pictures to a Classic Writing Style Book?

Elements of Style
Elements of Style

The Elements of Style Illustrated by Strunk and White, the reference book on writing with style, is much more fun to use with the addition of great illustrations by Maira Kalman.

It is pleasant to use because of larger format and pictures that illustrate points in a humorous fashion. Your student will appreciate it.

If you have a budding writer, the Elements of Style (illustrated) is an excellent addition to a writing resources library.

Another more cut and dry, but helpful choice is the Writer’s Toolbox from BJU Press.

The Writer’s Toolbox is filled with helpful rules for grammar and writing.

Sometimes it is too easy to “fix” your child’s writing when you are grading a paper. However, you can use these helpful books to show the writer how to fix a mistake and take possession of those rules.

The Writer's Toolbox A Writing and Grammar Handbook 125351
The Writer’s Toolbox A Writing and Grammar Handbook 125351

It takes more work on your part to find the rule in your student’s reference book.

Note the broken rule on the paper and show where to find it in the Writer’s Toolbox or whatever grammar reference book you choose. Let your student look it up and make the correction to own the rule!

Make them do the work and they will master the concept!


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