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HMH Into Social Studies Components~Grades K-6

Teach Social Studies at Home From Kindergarten to Sixth Grade

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt: Into Social Studies Print components are for student and teacher—in an affordable secular-based program. [Features…]

Intro to Social Studies Kindergarten Print Components.

World Around Us
Into Social Studies K
Print Components

Into Social Studies 1 Print Components.

Families Living &
Working Together

Into Social Studies 1
Print Components

Into Social Studies 2 Print Components.

Neighborhoods &

Into Social Studies 2
Print Components

Into Social Studies 3 Print Components.

Far & Near

Into Social Studies 3
Print Components

Intro to Social Studies 4 Print Components.

States & Regions

Into Social Studies 4
Print Components

Intro to Social Studies 5 Print Components.

United States History
Into Social Studies 5
Print Components

Into Social Studies 6 World History Print Components.

World History
Into Social Studies 6
Print Components

Program Overview—Into Social Studies Homeschool Curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 6

Features of Into Social Studies K-6th:

  • Help students think and act like historians with high-quality content.
  • Explore the past and present.
  • Motivate students to learn.
  • Objectives meet social studies content and ELA standards.
  • HMH Into Social Studies was built in partnership with Kids Discover® to develop a program that supports both ELA and social studies requirements, promoting cross-curricular instruction.

Print Components

Student Magazine, Consumable Print

  • Students will study various aspects of each topical magazine in a highly engaging, visual manner.
  • Each magazine focuses on one broad social studies topic and includes: 8 Lessons and Activities.
  • Student magazines have hands-on activities with every lesson.
  • Learn across a wide selection of grade-level topics.
  • Introduces a new experience daily with bite-sized content.

Teacher’s Guide, Print

  • Aligns to the magazine subscription collection for each grade level.
  • Explicit vocabulary instruction.
  • Reading and skills support.
  • Differentiation option.
  • Performance tasks.
  • Assessments include Student Magazine Assessments, Lesson Assessments, End-of-Magazine assessments, and more.

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