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BJU Press American Republic History Homeschool Kit

Study U.S. History From Discovery of the New World to the Present Day

Traditional Christian-based United States history curriculum with a biblical perspective from Bob Jones University Press.

History 8 Kit

American Republic Kit.

Bob Jones American Republic
Complete Homeschool Kit
8th Grade

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American Republic Homeschool Kit 4th Ed.

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

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Learn about our nation and its development over the last two hundred years from a biblical perspective in the American Republic course.

Student and teacher components come in the homeschool kit for one student.

The new 4th Edition of the American Republic Homeschool Kit includes one of each of the following:

  • American Republic Teacher’s Edition 4th Edition (#298356, ISBN-13: 9781606828649)
    • Updated to provide projects/discussion topics to challenge the students and added page numbers for the section quiz answers and chapter review answers
    • Full-color reduced student pages with side and bottom margin teacher notes
    • Side margin notes include goals and objectives, section objectives, and additional information
    • Bottom margin notes include:
      • Lesson Plan Charts
      • Materials List
      • Teaching Strategies highlighted with icons for suggested types of activities
      • Project Ideas
      • Section Quiz Answers
      • Chapter Review Answers
    • Teacher’s Toolkit CD includes maps, charts, photos, and illustrations to enhance instruction and upgrades with additional maps, charts, photos, and artwork
  • Student Text for the American Republic, 4th Edition (#515841, ISBN-13: 9781606828571)
    • Starts a tour of American history with the first interactions between Native American and European explorers and continues to present day America.
    • Encourages the development of critical thinking skills.
  • American Republic Student Activites Manual 4th Edition (#298380, ISBN-13: 9781606828625)
    Includes various types of questions, maps, charts, and tables work, engaging projects, and other related activities.
  • Student Activities Answer Key for the American Republic 4th Edition (#298364, ISBN-13: 9781606828632)
    Has the answers to all review material and application questions in the Student Activities.
  • American Republic Tests for 1 student 4th Edition (#298398, ISBN-13: 9781606828656) checks for student knowledge and understanding of key concepts. Page numbers are provided to easily locate the answers in the student text.
  • Test Answer Key for the American Republic 4th Edition (#298414, ISBN-13: 9781606828663) has the test answers in bold font overprinted on the student test pages for easy grading. Page numbers are provided to easily locate the answers in the student text.

Grade 8

List $255.31

Price $191.45

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