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BJU Press Science 3 Homeschool Kit

A Traditional Christian-based Science Curriculum for 3rd Grade

Presents lessons within a biblical worldview to help your child develop knowledge of God.

Science 3 Kit

BJU Press Science 3 Kit 511758

Science 3
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press

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BJU Press Science 3 Homeschool Kit 4th Edition

Publisher: Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)Press

Item # bju511758

BJU Press Science 3 Homeschool Kit, a traditional Christian-based textbook curriculum, encourages the development of critical thinking skills and a biblical worldview.

  • Study animal classification, plants, ecosystems, matter, sound, energy, rocks and minerals, weather, the solar system, cells, and skin.
  • Encourages the development of critical thinking skills.
  • Develop science process skills with hands-on activities, projects, and experiments.
  • Purchase it as a complete homeschool kit that includes a Teacher’s Edition, a Student Text, a Student Activity Manual, Student Activity Manual Answer Key (on the Teacher’s Edition CD), Tests, and Tests Answer Key.

The Bob Jones Science 3 Subject Kit 4th Edition includes one of each of the following:

  • Science 3 Teacher’s Edition with CD (#229016, ISBN-13: 9781606828847) contains:
    • 90 lessons divided into five units.
    • Lists with objectives, vocabulary, and project materials
    • Guided questions
    • Additional background information, cross-curricular links, enrichment activities, and teaching tips.
    • Information about management of activities and grading.
    • A Teacher’s Toolkit CD with printer friendly pages contains worksheets, visuals, resources, materials lists; Answer Key for the Science 3 Student Activity Manual; and information about science fairs
  • Student Text for Science 3 (#298984, ISBN-13: 9781606828823)
    • Has colorful photographs, diagrams, charts, and illustrations.
    • Each section has Quick Check Questions to assess student understanding.
    • Includes a glossary and index at the end of the book.
    • It has 12 sections with 90 lessons.
    • Each section opens with a Worldview Focus Box.
  • Science 3 Activity Manual (#298984, ISBN-13: 9781606828830)
    • Offers various types of pages to help students master the science concepts from the lessons.
    • Consumable for one student.
    • Answers are available in the Teacher’s Toolkit CD in the Teacher’s Edition.
    • The types of activity pages are:
      • Recording pages for Activity and Exploration lessons
      • Study Guides—Review concepts for mastery and test prep
      • Write About It application questions
      • Preview pages—help access students’ prior knowledge
      • Summary pages with vocabulary and key concepts
      • Study skill, reinforcement, and expansion pages.
  • Science 3 Activity Manual Answer Key (#507483, ISBN-13: 9781628562699)
    • Provides overprinted answers for activity pages presented in Science 3 Activity Manual (4th ed.) for convenient grading and evaluation.
    • The answer key also includes teacher’s notes and references to corresponding lessons in Science 3 (4th ed.).
  • Tests for Science 3 (#299032, ISBN-13: 9781606828854)
    Has 12 unit tests to evaluate your student’s progress. It is non-reproducible and intended for one student.
  • Science 3 Tests Answer Key(#299040, ISBN-13: 9781606828861)
    Has the answers overprinted on each Science 3 unit test for easy grading.

Grade 3

List $197.67

Price $148.25

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