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BJU Press Science 2 Homeschool Kit 4th Edition

A Traditional Christian-Based Science Curriculum for Second Grade

BJU Press Science 2 is a Christian-based traditional textbook science homeschool kit for 2nd grade.

Science 2 Kit

BJU Press Science 2 Kit 511667 by Bob Jones University Press

Science 2
Homeschool Kit
BJU Press
4th Edition

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BJU Press Science 2 Homeschool Kit (4th Edition)

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Item # bju511667

The BJU Press Science 2 Homeschool Kit, a traditional Christian-based textbook curriculum. It features:

  • Encourage development of critical thinking skills and Biblical Worldview
  • It covers scientific occupations, living things, environments, fossils, dinosaurs, parts of the earth and how they interact, natural resources, light and shadows.
  • Lessons in BJU Press Science 2 are presented within a biblical worldview to help your child develop knowledge of God.
  • Hands-on activities and projects help your student to develop science process skills.
  • Purchase it as a complete homeschool kit that includes a Teacher’s Edition, Student Text, Student Activity Manual, Student Activity Manual Answer Key, Tests, and Tests Answer Key for Bob Jones 2nd grade Science.

The Bob Jones Science 2 Subject Kit includes one of each of the following:

  • Science 2 Teacher’s Edition (#502724, ISBN-13: 9781628560503) has:
    • Student pages reprinted in a reduced size.
    • Teacher notes and plans are located in the side margins.
      • Chapter introduction
      • Objectives, vocabulary, materials lists,
      • Discussion questions with answers
      • Teacher helps
    • A Teacher’s Toolkit CD with printer friendly pages has
      • Reproducible pages
      • Information about science fairs
  • Student Text for Science 2 (#502690, ISBN-13: 9781628560480)
    Has colorful photographs and illustrations. Each chapter includes a review section.
  • Science 2 Activity Manual (#502716, ISBN-13: 9781628560497)
    Contains reinforcement, review, and enrichment pages in addition to activity pages for recording observations. It is consumable for one student.
  • Science 2 Activity Manual Answer Key (#507475, ISBN-13: 9781628562774) Provides overprinted answers for activity pages presented in Science 2 Activity Manual (4th ed.) for convenient grading and evaluation.
  • Tests for Science 2 (#502740, ISBN-13: 9781628560510)
    • Intended for one student, the Science 2 Testpack has 12 tests to evaluate your student’s progress.
    • It is non-reproducible.
  • Science 2 Test Answer Key (#502757, ISBN-13: 9781628560527)
    Has the answers overprinted on the Science 2 Tests for easy grading.

Grade 2

List $197.67

Price $148.25

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