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Switched-On Schoolhouse Math on USB

Learn Math, Schedule Lessons, and Grade Work with Switched-On Mathematics—Complete Computer-Based Courses for Grades 3-12

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Switched-On Mathematics is a Christian-based course on USB flash drive (Windows only) using mastery learning. [Features…]

Switched-On Math 3rd Grade.

3rd Grade
Math 3
Switched-On Schoolhouse
ISBN-13: 9780740337406

Switched-On Math 4th Grade.

4th Grade
Math 4
Switched-On Schoolhouse
ISBN-13: 9780740337451

Switched-On Math 5th Grade.

5th Grade
Math 5
Switched-On Schoolhouse
ISBN-13: 9780740337505

Switched-On Math 6th Grade.

6th Grade
Math 6
Switched-On Schoolhouse
ISBN-13: 9780740337550

Switched-On Math 7th Grade.

7th Grade
Math 7
Switched-On Schoolhouse
ISBN-13: 9780740337604

Switched-On Pre-Algebra 8th Grade.

8th Grade
Switched-On Schoolhouse
ISBN-13: 9780740337659

Switched-On Algebra 1 9th Grade.

Algebra 1
9th Grade
Switched-On Schoolhouse
ISBN-13: 9780740337703

Switched-On Geometry 10th Grade.

10th Grade
Switched-On Schoolhouse
ISBN-13: 9780740337758

Switched-On Algebra 2 11th Grade.

Algebra 2
11th Grade
Switched-On Schoolhouse
ISBN-13: 9780740337802

Switched-On Pre-Calculus 12th Grade.

12th Grade
Switched-On Schoolhouse
ISBN-13: 9780740337857

LIFEPAC Math Grades K-12.

LIFEPAC Mathematics
Boxed Sets
Grades K-12th

Horizons Math Curriculum Gr. K-9.

Horizons Math
Boxed Sets
K to Algebra 1

Features of Switched-On Schoolhouse Math on USB for Grades 3-12

  • Work your math lessons on the computer with Switched-On Mathematics.
  • Schedule lessons and grade work automatically to make homeschooling easy for the teacher.
  • Based on their LIFEPAC curriculum, this interactive, multimedia learning environment has been updated with more videos and animations, sound clips, and approved web links.
  • Please note that all software purchases are non-returnable for any reason. Alpha Omega provides excellent tech support.
  • Use Coupon Code DiscountAOP to get the best available discount off list price on Switched-On Schoolhouse Curriculum at Lamp Post Homeschool.**
  • Reasons to Use Switched-On Schoolhouse Check out the reasons to use Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum. Every year Switched-On Schoolhouse gets better and easier to use for student and teacher.

Overview, Placement, and System Requirements

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Switched-On Schoolhouse Electives on USB.

SOS Electives
Grades 3-12

Switched-On Schoolhouse Bible on USB.

SOS Bible
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Switched-On Schoolhouse History & Geography On USB.

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Switched-On Schoolhouse Language Arts on USB.

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Horizons®, LIFEPACs®, and Switched-On Schoolhouse® are registered trademarks of Alpha Omega Publications.
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